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RD3A - Winter Rain

2010-12-27 13:08:23
Rd3a,Disaster,Winter Rain

Rain in winter is disaster.

Everybody is awared about airports problems, and hunderds of settlements still remain without electrical power and water supply.
The nature hit the radio amateurs as well.
RT3A , RL3A, RA3AWO, UA3AB and many others suffered many losses this winter. But what happened to RD3A antenna farm, excites undescribable pity and grief which are hard to express in words.
RD3A 40m antenna

RD3A 40m yagi antennas

RD3A 80m 3el yagi antenna

RD3A 20m yagi antennas

RD3A Antennas

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Rd3a , Disaster , Winter Rain